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Team classification "EVERYMAN" & Team classification "ELITE

Participate together with friends, your club or your family as a team in the E-Bike World Championship for EVERYONE and win. In addition to the individual classification there is a team classification in both classes "EVERYMAN" & "ELITE".

How you can register as a team, the evaluation and awarding is explained below:

Registration of a team:

  • To participate in the team classification, a supplementary active registration to the single place registration in the respective classification class is necessary. The registration for the team classification is only possible by a team leader designated in the team with naming the team name and the team members (first name + surname + year of birth) as well as classification (team classification in classification ELITE or classification EVERYMAN) by until7 days before the race at the latest.
  • The registration for the team classification by the team leader by mail is only possible after the individual registration of each team member.
  • The nomination of the club name within the single place registration is not equal to an automatic participation in the team ranking. A separate registration for the participation in the team ranking is necessary by mail - see above.
  • The organizer does not guarantee a common starting place for teams in the same starting block.
  • Changes concerning the respective team with e.g. addition and deletion of team members are also only possible by the designated team leader by until7 days before the race at the latest.


  • Team size minimum: A team must consist of at least 4 persons (unisex) in the same classification/registered.

  • Team size maximum: No limit. However, only the average time of the fastest three of a group will be scored.

  • Prerequisite for a joint evaluation is that all participants of a team must indicate their team name in the online registration form in the field "club" uniformly (exact letters and numbers)


  • With regard to the fastest three participants of a team (unisex), the total time is determined and is decisive for the result.

  • At least 3 persons of a team must reach the finish line, so that a classification can happen. If less than 3 persons of a team reach the finish line, the classification "DNF" will be made with no time evaluation in the team classification. The individual classification of each participant is not affected in this case.

  • The team classification is offered separately in both classification classes (ELITE and EVERYMAN). The team classification does not apply "across classification classes". The participating team and its members must be listed in the same classification.

  • Scoring is based on unisex - There is no separate scoring for men and women.

  • It is not possible to participate "only" in the team classification. Participation in the individual classification is required


  • In both categories the team with the fastest total time will be awarded in the team classification. The awarding of the team ranking will take place after the awarding of the age groups - see program for the exact time program.


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