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Everything you need to know about the E-Bike World Championship for everyone

Which rating class is suitable for me?

At the E-bike World Championship for EVERYONE there are two classification classes with different routes.

The EVERYONE class is suitable for everyone. The route EVERYMAN leads over wide paved forest roads and partly over asphalted bike paths. In several places there is a beautiful mountain panorama to enjoy - fun and enjoyment are in the foreground. The course profile is designed to be both leisurely and challenging.

The ELITE classification is only recommended for technically experienced e-bikers. The ELITE route leads over steep uphill sections, impassable single trails and challenging downhill sections in alpine terrain. In this rating class, all skills on the e-bike are demanded and it is therefore the perfect challenge for passionate riders.

Which e-bike is allowed to participate?

All commercially available e-bikes with pedal assistance up to a maximum of 25km/h and a maximum rated continuous output of 250 watts are permitted. In addition, e-bike motors with a maximum torque of 90 Nm are permitted in the elite class.

This will be checked during the e-bike check. All other technical regulations can be found in the rules.

When and where does the e-bike check take place?

The e-bike check is mandatory and takes place before and after the race. The e-bike check before the race takes place on sight when entering the start loop. After the race, e-bikes will be randomly referred to a separate area for the e-bike check and closely inspected by the Technical Official. In addition, in the ELITE class, the first 6 in the results list (men and women respectively) will be subject to mandatory checks.

Irregularities and technical changes on the e-bike will lead to disqualification. Further details about the e-bike check can be found in the regulations.

What are the time limits in the EVERYONE class?

Three time limits are defined in the EVERYMAN class. If you fall below one of these time limits, you will receive the respective official EVERYMAN World Championship gold, silver, bronze or finisher medal. Example: The time limit for gold is XY minutes. If you fall below this time, you will receive the gold medal.

What is the personalized race number?

With the personalized race number your name given in the registration will be printed on the race number.

What is the starting order?

In the EVERYONE class, the starting order will be based on the "first-come-first-serve" principle. This means the order will be ranked according to the time of registration. The starting order will be in blocks, which will start one after the other in an interval.

In the ELITE class, the starting order will be determined by the result (sorted by time) in the previous qualifying. The qualifying is not obligatory. Participants who do not take part in the qualifying will automatically be placed in the back of the grid. Excluded are participants with wildcard invitation by the E-Bike World Federation.

How do I participate in the team ranking?

You can find the detailed instructions and description here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly by mail or phone.

Where can I find suitable accommodation?

Together with our partner we offer packages for the event. You can find all packages here. If there is nothing suitable for you, please contact us directly by mail or phone to find an individual solution.

Are there camping opportunities at the event?

Camping is prohibited at the event site and the surrounding parking areas. There are the following official camping sites in Paznaun:

  • Camping Zeinissee (Galtür)
  • Heindalishof (Mathon)
  • Sonnenhof (Lake)

Rent e-bike

For all participants up to 2 days rent.

Also around the topic rental e-bike there are innovations to announce. In the future, all participants of the E-Bike WM für Jedermann will have the opportunity to rent one of the numerous e-bikes from our partners for 2 days.

For a surcharge in advance, you can also secure an E-MTB Fully. This offers everyone the chance to ride the world championship course in advance, so that they can see the new course in their mind's eye.

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