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Conditions of participation 2023:

All commercially available eMTBs (pedelecs) with a maximum pedal assistance of 25 km/h and a maximum continuous rated power of 250 watts are permitted. In the ELITE class, the following also applies: Max. Torque of the E-Bike motor 90 Nm. All starters have to go to the bike check on race day before the start.

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(Excerpt) "The battery may have a maximum of 900 Wh. The installed battery may not be changed during the race ("see point disqualification"). Battery Extender/ Additional battery/ Range Extender or similar are allowed, as long as the total value (battery on the E-Bike + battery Extender/ Additional battery/ Ranger Extender or similar) does not exceed the value of 900 Wh according to the regulations...".


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Participate together with friends, your club or your family as a team in the E-bike World Championship for EVERYONE and win.

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