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Program 2024


At the E-Bike World Championships for everyone, you can of course expect a colorful supporting program. 

(e.g. E-Bike EXPO, live music)

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Would you like to find out everything about the world's first e-bikes? At the big E-Bike Expo, a wide variety of exhibitors will be showing the new 2024 E-Bike models, specific accessories, bike clothing and much more for you.

During the tour of the Expo site, you can not only look at the innovations, but also test them exclusively and possibly take a souvenir home with you.


E-biking in Paznaun


Too steep, too far, too strenuous - in the saddle of an e-bike these exclusion criteria are a thing of the past!

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Rental e-bike

Borrow up to 2 days for all participants.

There are also innovations to announce when it comes to rental e-bikes. In future, all participants in the E-Bike World Championships will have the opportunity to rent one of the numerous e-bikes from our partners for 2 days.

For a surcharge in advance, you can also secure an E-MTB Fully. This gives everyone the chance to travel the world championship course in advance in order to visualize the course renewals.

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Team rating "EVERYONE" & team rating "ELITE"

Take part in the E-Bike World Championships for EVERYONE with friends, your club or your family and win. In addition to the individual rating, there is a team rating in both rating classes "EVERYONE" & "ELITE".

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