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E-bike world championship for everyone 2024

  • Rating E-bike World Cup EVERYMAN


BEST JUNIOR 2014 - 2006
MAIN CLASS 2005 - 1995
MASTER 1 1994 - 1985
MASTER 2 1984 - 1975
MASTER 3 1974 - 1965
MASTER 4 1964 - 1955
MASTER 5 from 1954
  • Ranking E-Bike WM ELITE WOMEN
  • Ranking E-Bike WM ELITE MEN


Best Junior 2006 - 2002
MAIN CLASS 2001 - 1995
MASTER 1 1994 - 1985
MASTER 2 1984 - 1975
MASTER 3 1974 - 1965
MASTER 4 1964 - 1955
MASTER 5 from 1954
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The times of the fastest three participants in a team (unisex) are summed up and this time is decisive for the result

At least 3 persons of a team must reach the finish line, so that a classification can happen. If less than 3 persons of a team reach the finish line, the classification "DNF" will be made with no time evaluation in the team classification. The individual classification of each participant is not affected in this case.

The team classification is offered separately in both classification classes (ELITE and EVERYMAN). The team classification does not apply "across classification classes". The participating team and its members must be listed in the same classification.

Scoring is based on unisex - There is no separate scoring for men and women.

It is not possible to participate "only" in the team classification. Participation in the individual classification is required

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World novelties around the topic E-Bike

At the large E-Bike Expo, various exhibitors will present the new 2024 E-Bike models, specific accessories, bike clothing and much more.

During the tour through the Expo area you can not only see the novelties, but also test them exclusively and possibly take a souvenir home with you.

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Rent e-bike

For all participants up to 2 days rent.

Also around the topic rental e-bike there are innovations to announce. In the future, all participants of the E-Bike WM für Jedermann will have the opportunity to rent one of the numerous e-bikes from our partners for 2 days.

For a surcharge in advance, you can also secure an E-MTB Fully. This offers everyone the chance to ride the world championship course in advance, so that they can see the new course in their mind's eye.

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